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At Fleetfield we are constantly looking for new ideas, listening to customer feedback and developing new products which meet the demands of the modern cleaning industry.

And that's why we are able to introduce to you our new dispensing bottle for our concentrated chemical range. Traditional jerry cans and dispensing pumps work great, but are not for everybody as our market research has found out. And 
while the products themselves meet the standards required to carry out the rigarous cleaning tasks that they are given, the way they are dispenced and controlled can sometimes be problematic to the end user. 
Our new Dispensing bottle can get around these problems with ease. The bottle has an easy to read label, with the dilution rates clearly stated (No need to worry about charts or time consuming in house training). A graduated syphon so you can 
accurately meter out each dose with marks for 10,15,20 and 25 mils. As we all know accurate dilutions are where you, the customer can really save money!
Over the next few weeks, each product within our concentrate range will become available in the new bottle (Blue Star and Totale are already available). And pricing will remain the the same whichever system you choose, and there's no need 
to worry if you are happy with the existing system, as this will continue to be supplied as an alternative.
If you wish to try the new bottle, then simply add it to your next order clearly stating "dispensing bottle". If you are using our online "Account Customer Order Form" you will see where it states Dispencing Bottle after the product name.
Alternativly you can contact us to set up a demonstration (Sheffield and surrounding Area Only).
Give it a go and let us know what you think? 
Kind regards

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