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Yes it true, SEVEN PH is the very latest in cleaning technology, blending naturally derived Citrus Terpenes with specialised surfactants to deliver unbeatable cleaning power, while still being safe and kind to use on all hard surfaces. Polished floors? No problem the dirt will easily be removed without damaging the floor polish, unlike regular hard surface cleaners which clean using a high pH.

The manufacturers of all new plastic and vinyl floorings are insisting that neutral products are used when daily cleaning, otherwise damage can be caused and warrenties voided. Unlike standard neutral cleaning detergents which tend to be a form of washing up liquid, SEVEN PH uses all the latest chemical bases and technologies that are available, to give our customers one of the safest most enviromentally freindly products we have ever produced.

We are sure once you've tried it you'll never want to use anything else!

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