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Why use Enzymes?

Why use Enzymes?


Why use Enzymes?
Enzyme Digester's are proven to be the most cost effective means of dealing with mal odours and unpleasant stains.
Cost savings can be seen in cleaning budgets by eliminating the need for repetitive applications of conventional types of treatment.
Enzymes work by digesting protein based spills such as food, vomit and faeces quickly, in one application.
The neutral pH formulation is safe to use on most surfaces and offers good rinsing characteristics.
Enzyme Digester's are proven to be a swift, affordable treatment in recognised situations, such as; Nurseries, Schools, residential care homes, sports facilities changing rooms etc..
Fleetfield Enzyme Digester is available in two sizes, either a 750ml RTU or a 5 litre container.
You may also be eligable for a free no obligation demonstration.
If you are currently situated within a 20 mile radius of sheffield, then contact us now to set up your demonstration.

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